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Bariatric Dietitian Services

About Us

Our registered dietitians specialize in medical nutrition therapy for Bariatric patients and beyond. Our mission is to prepare patients for a safe and successful weight loss surgery and provide long-term post op support. Since our inception in 2013 we have assisted thousands of patients through the weight loss surgery process. We also provide nutrition counseling for a variety of other disease states to personalize your care. Our visits, offered both in-person and virtual, allow our patients to:

  • Save time and money

  • Receive ongoing support in a convenient setting

  • Navigate the surgery process quicky and safely

  • Avoid out of pocket costs for nutrition visits for those covered by insurance

  • Establish goals and stick to personalized nutrition plans

  • Get the support needed to succeed before and after weight loss surgery

  • Live a longer, stronger, healthier life

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