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Bariatric Dietitian Services


Kyle has been a lifesaver! We have battled nutrition & multiple health issues for 10 years. My mother had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in 2007. Following that surgery, we've had many complications leading to more procedures, electrolyte imbalances, dementia, depression, hospitalizations, mal-absorption, etc. We've dealt with MANY physicians & nutritionists who were all unable to help. Mom lost 48 lbs. in 6 months. Despite the fact that she was eating, she was rapidly losing weight. She weighed 95 lbs. (ended up getting down to 88 lbs.) & was hospitalized for a week at Thanksgiving. Upon discharge, we were basically told "It's mal-absorption, but we don't know what to do about it."


Desperate for help, I started googling "gastric bypass nutritional specialists." Kyle Rose/Bariatric Dietician Services was the first number I tried. Boy did we hit the jackpot with him! After one phone call, he had her on a plan that would change her life. He offered expert advice and guidance that we have not been able to get from anyone else. Not only did he formulate a plan, he stayed in frequent contact to check on her & to assess if his plan needed tweaking. Within 2 weeks, she felt better than she had in 15 years! She is honestly like a different person - I feel like I have my mom back! Not only is she steadily gaining weight, she has a tremendous amount of energy. She has mental clarity (turns out she doesn't have dementia after all, her poor brain was just starving to death!) and she has been able to come off of some of her medicine. The turnaround has been huge and it's all because of Kyle! We love him & can never thank him enough. For us, he was Godsent!!

Shandi Frank

I didn't really know what to expect from my phone consult, but my dietitian put me at ease quickly. She was professional, yet friendly and easy to talk to. The consult went quickly and was filled with lots of important information regarding what I could expect both before and after surgery. I am now looking forward even more to my getting my Bariatric surgery scheduled and beginning a new life.


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